Who am I? Who the fuck are you?

Most of us don't know who we are. Many of us will never know. The few who will figure it out will probably do so too late in life for it to matter much but I commend them anyway. If, by chance, you know who you are then I envy you. Do I know who I am? No, not really. I know WHAT I am and I know what I'm NOT.

You ask me, "Who are you?" How dare you!!! When, this very morning, you stood in front of your bathroom mirror and asked yourself that very same question and couldn't come up with an answer. Who I am shouldn't be important to you unless you're trying to have a relationship with me. I mean a 'real' relationship... whether it be a friendship, a partnership, a marriage, what have you. I think 'real' relationships let us come closer to finding out who we really are while learning who you might be as well. I think we ALL stand a better chance of figuring out who we are if we do it together.

I could give you a list of who I THINK I am but in all reality it would only be a list of WHAT I am and what I'm NOT. Not WHO I am. I hope to know someday, I really do! When you ask me who I am my response will be "Who the fuck are you?". I would like to say you shouldn't take that personally but maybe you should.

Who am I? For now....

I'm just Deunan

Uploaded 09/04/2010
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