Who are the people in your neighborhood... your neighborhood...You remember that old Sesame Street song, right? 'They're the people that you meet each day!'

Well the safety and normalcy of Sesame Street was a long time ago for me. In the city on any given day I can look out my window and see the hookers trying to get by. But that's not that unusual.

No, unusual would be the disabled guy that goes by in the electric scooter. He goes by about once a fortnight in the summer. He's pimped out his Hover-round so that there's a karaoke machine hooked up to the battery. As he drives along in the bicycle lane, he croons old R&B tunes. He's actually got a really nice voice. The whole neighborhood loves him.

Then there's Weird Prius Guy. Imagine a guy that looks like Monk, but skinnier and with a pot belly. He's really quiet, and keeps to himself even when I try to say 'Hello.' He drives a Prius that is always so full of clutter you wonder how it is that he manages to get around in it at all. He lives in an apartment that's right above an ols auto parts store, and the apartment is the exact opposite of the store. No furniture, no decorations on the walls. And you can tell because he doesn't have any curtains. Only certain times of the year when it's really cold or really hot does he cover the windows with aluminum foil. He's lived there alone for years, and he's never changed.

So it got me to thinking...who are the people in YOUR neighborhood? A few of you have to have some really interesting characters that you know of. People that are so unusual they belong in a movie. So here's your chance to tell their stories...the tales of the hommes d' bizarre.

Uploaded 01/24/2009
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