Who is X to you?

I invented a new character I could only call 'X'. I want you to come up with new ideas or comment on his character or just tell me if this is any good for a show on Youtube.


- When X goes to the farm on weekends, he usually carries burgers with him and feeds it to the cows.

- X has a plan for Judgement day. He plans to offset his good deeds by paying someone to do them for him.

- X told his little sister that she's adopted.

- X likes to dress his puppy in black, put eyeliner on it and mutilate it.

- X gives candy to babies, takes it, gives it back, then takes it and runs away.

- X once volunteered to answer calls on a suicide hotline, then told every caller to go ahead.

- X once tried to find out the effects of radiation on tissue by microwaving his neighbor's kitten.

- X once tried to find out the effects of sulphuric acid on tissue by pouring it into the eyes of his neighbor's pet rabbit.

- X contributed to the help for Haiti by sending them a bowl of fried chicken and Kool-Aid.

- X once made a remake of 'We Are The World' to raise bail money for child molesters in prison.

- X does these things because he's anti-social.

- X once came up with the idea that a party be thrown on Mother's Day. But on the door, there was a placard that said 'Soccer Moms Not Welcome'. Noone showed up to his party.

- X has celebrities on his hit list.

- X sends bogus 419 emails to the FBI's website.

- X once sent a package to PETA. There was a crab in it.

- X once snuck horse sperm into a sperm clinic, then handed it over as his own.

- X once circumcised a horse, took a picture, sent it to the guy he hates in school and wrote in the email "Why did you do it?"

- X calls his mother and little sister 'bitches'.

- X once raised 213 dollars just by saying his little sister has ovarian cancer.

Dont worry, I've got hundreds of these. Now it's your turn. Be creative - I really want to expand thia character.

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