Who needs friends?don't trust gypsies!

Recently in some blogs, members were arguing about the number of friends they have. I'm pretty anti-social for the most part, so I usually don't send someone a friend request unless they pique my interest. Nonetheless, I don't think I get the point of arguing about who has more friends in an interwebs popularity contest. I comment you, you comment back, we go through a charade of comments, at what point should I friend request someone? After we going on an internet drinking binge together? Anywho, enough with that... now onto bigger and better things: Never piss off a gypsy!

What has "Thinner" and "Drag Me To Hell" taught us? Don't wrong a gypsy. I won't ruin the movie if you haven't seen the latter, but what was Allison Lohman's character thinking denying a psycho gypsy her exntension on her home loan? She deserved all that was put into her mouth throughout the duration of the movie. She apparently never watched "Thinner" or bothered with reading the cliffnotes version... I was debating this with my boyfriend and our buddy after we left the movie. My friend said he'd have to start dating a gypsy so he could have her curse people for him. I brought up the valid point of what happens when he pisses his gypsy girlfriend off? What happens when she opens the laptop and browses his internet history and sees that he's been browsing How's he gonna argue his way out of that one? "Oh, it's uh, research about the Japanese culture and I was just stumbled across this link on accident.... and it kept jumping to, uh, other pages on here, and uh, we should really update our spyware!" No way. He's gonna die. She's gonna curse him with the death of Fat girl panchira so that he never gets a boner ever again.

So what has american cinema taught us? Don't piss off a gypsy! Sorry that my references were so limited, but I believe that we should not work on Sundays and browsing the web for other movies about gypsy curses would fall into that catagory, so yeah... deal with it. Have a great Sunday kids!

Uploaded 05/31/2009
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