Who Says Ron Paul is Done? Some Recent Headlines

Why Ron Paul matters more than Newt Gingrich
Washington Post 

Ron Paul gets a boost at Yakima County GOP Convention Yakima Herald-Republic

Colorado further evidence Ron Paul will challenge Romney in TampaWashington Times

Santorum Supporters Ensure Ron Paul's Colorado Delegate Coup ...Rocky Mountain Collegian 

Ron Paul Backs Jerusalem As Location Of Israeli Embassy Yeshiva World News

Ron Paul wins do-over St. Charles County caucus

Ron Paul condemns close ties between FDA and Big 

Ron Paul Endorsed By Two Louisiana State Republican Central ...

Playwright's new musical about Ron Paul a vote of confidence in himself

Ron Paul wins Minnesota, Colorado delegates to Republican National Convention

Ron Paul gathered almost 10,000 supporters in Texas with slideshow

Ron Paul In Praise of Private Charity
The Market Oracle

Paul supporters chosen as delegates in three congressional districts
Pierce County Herald 

Sarah Palin Support For Ron Paul !! - YouTube

Ron Paul : Stephen Colbert Likes Ron Paul!

Ron Paul gets boost from crossover voters in Vermont and Virginia

Ron Paul only candidate able to defeat Obama in new Rasmussen poll

Ron Paul draws 3,000-plus voters to Fort Worth event in Texas

Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul is more popular than a sitting president

Ron Paul has 3,000 supporters while Mitt Romney has 400 supporters

Gingrich may not be on the ballot in Utah - his check bounced

'Ron Paul becomes the biblical and moral choice for president' says GOP Parish

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