Who to separate..........

I hear almost daily how some preacher or church has taken somebody and abused their faith and their beliefs and crushed them like some irritating little bug. Every day you hear about some priest who has buggered some poor kid back in the rectory (no joke on rectory please) or even as we sit here you just know somewhere these so called men of God are making their hate filled signs about homosexuality or abortion. It happens so often that people who do live by the teachings of Jesus Christ which is a "Faith", based in LOVE and FORGIVENESS and certainly not HATE are ashamed to walk down the street. To people who do believe in God we know that these people WILL be dealt with in a harsh painful death but not at our time schedule but God's schedule. I want you to know that myself and plenty like me understand your anger and slashing out at religion's because we feel it too.


Now we debate the separation of church and state and as for myself I believe that our forefathers were more concerned with keeping the Government out of our churches and not the other way around, but I certainly understand if you dont feel the same. Look at who we are talking about and what they were trying to say, it sounds like they were talking out of both sides of their mouth. WAIT, these forefathers of ours I think they were POLITICIANS and that explains a lot because leaving a mess to be straightened out by the next generation, is well......typical?


I think instead of the separation of church and state we should separate God from these religions because it seems like the religions have certainly done this already.  Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 05/28/2009
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