Who Will Replace Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the Fed?

On a somewhat redundant election platform, Romney promised to replace Ben Bernanke if he were President. I wonder why? Is it because he has done a lousy job or is corrupted by big interest and Mr. Romney is going to save the economy? No, it's because Bernanke is going to take his billions and write a memoir about these historically important times. The man is moving on and retiring as he should have long ago, not because anyone would fire him. 

However, that being the case, someone just as corruptible has got to replace him so you can be sure it will be a big banker buddy of Wall street  if Romney wins. 

Of course, President Obama is quite adept at scoring these easy points with the disgruntled electorate, so he now says he too will save America by replacing Ben Bernanke. Wow! He is so decisive, so strong to correct what is wrong. He'll show who's boss as Ben leaves his post fully compensated with balls intact and Hussy, like a miniature pup falsely thinking he has chased out the alpha dog, natters on.

And who is Obama going to replace Benanke with? Well, of course Ben's next in command, Janet Yellen. Whoa! What a way to shake up the establishment there Barrack. Bold moves indeed.

So who is this Janet Yellen? Well lets listen to her from way back in 2008 when she first got involved with civil interest while living in Santa Cruz, California! You're in good hands with this one. LOL!!!

Uploaded 10/14/2012
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