Who's a Socialist

Cal wrote a blog about giving theological faith in politicians is a dicey business.  It quickly degenerated into a bitch-fest about how people with liberal ideologies were Socialist, that Obama was a Socialist, and was quite clearly the worst president in US history.  If you were to disagree with these people, you immediately had your sexual orientation called into question and quite clearly hated America.  The were offended when I asked for specific examples of Obama's Socialist policies because they ought to be self evident, even though they couldn't be explicitely stated by any of them. 


When I challenged them to specifically list a SINGLE Socialist policy, the activity on the thread immediately stopped.  I'm giving them another opportunity here.  I'm specifically talking about MrSteiner, SuperMole, jimmycrickety, TinyPenor, 4chanforlife, jdownsyou, N3M3SIS, 4chanrules, mcnigglet, eatmygaylove, BIG_GREEN_DILDO, mrblumkinjeans, tutyfruity, and LrishJoey.


Any other dumbasses who have no clue as to what Socialism is or how it's applied can also post here.  I'm expecting some of you who aren't totally retarded but have a skewed view of politics to also post here like RJM or rollo (if he still lurks here).


I'll do my best to respond to every comment, crackpot or otherwise, that gets posted here.

Uploaded 07/19/2011
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