Whoszit. The Game

I have a game for you all to play. I wrote a story below and it is loosely about one of us bloggers. Some of the hints or clues are misleading and some are not.

Little Billy Antwirp was seemingly mild mannered. Gifted, as well as burdened with a wild imagination, he often found himself  in a sticky situation. Like a fly to a Vapona strip his antics often trapped him. Due to his reputation his voice was lost. "Background noise Billy" his Grandpa would often comment. Don't get it wrong, it wasn't as if the stories had no substance or entertainment value. The fact was, life was hard, for a burdened household to stop and listen to the wild ramblings of an anxious boy was simply impractical.

The young have an uncanny ability to overcome challenges. They find a room in their head where they can make believe what ever they want. Billy had always wanted a dog but his high society life would frown on an animal within the home.

Little Billy sad and lonely, created an imaginary dog. He named him Tige. After dinner and when all the chores were done, Billy would put on a dress, sit up on his bed and tell stories to his imaginary friend. At the end of each story Billy would say. "I'm sorry I was bad, I promise never to do that again, I'll be a good boy from now on."

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