Why America is Confused

It has always amazed me how so many Americans can either accept the lies they are fed or just ignore the outcomes of watershed moments in their history. Instead of a unification of trying to get to the truth behind events like  the JFK's assassination or  9/11, so many of her citizens divide into different camps and the full truth is never revealed.

There are many other important covert events such as CIA drug running or foreign government interference, that Americans as a people, simply do not care to fully understand. This is of course extremely dangerous to the fabric of the nation. This lack of understanding or refusal to take these things seriously is going to tear it apart. 

There has always existed a dichotomy in America. Starting with the war for independence, the civil war, civil rights movement, anti war movement, the war on drugs and now the war on terrorism. 
All these events have divided as much as they have unified. This phenomenon perpetuates a constant struggle between the citizens and instead of getting to the bottom of important events, it instead serves to always divide. 

After the events of 9/11 a state of emergency was enacted, which to this day remains in place. Because of this the protocols of Continuance of Government, (COG) has taken control of the US government. Basically, the constitutional government has been replaced by COG. So now the dichotomy of the nation now exists with a congressional system being challenged by a deep government. The deep government having supreme power with no checks and balances and the elected government with no power. 

This situation allows those who control the COG to carry out any action they feel is required in their own interest. It is abundantly clear that interest is not the American people. The citizens, except for a few are completely confused. Like a herd of buffalo they are being stampeded to a very dark place. 

In part 5/5 the Professor points out that the US military has identified bloggers as targets in a war game scenario. Yea, I want to be part of that. 
Uploaded 09/25/2011
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