Why are people so naive?

The evidence is out there and yet you refuse to see! It is so easy to blame everything on Bush when the last two years we have had a democratically controlled house and senate. Make no mistake that IS where the power lies not in President. What has all these wonderful non-Bush people done? Not one damn thing!!!! Look you want to blame Bush then go at it, sometimes I am mad as hell at what he does also. But please dont tell me you are stupid enough to believe he has done it by himself. Here is some facts...


Since 911 the stock market has risen 3.3% in the middle of war time, that is unheard of.


Unemployment in this country has been lower than any time in the 1980's 1990's and 2000's. It has risen in the last quarter and for that we now say unemployment is terrible? Some of you are falling in line just like the liberal media wants you too.

G.W.Bush has done all this in the middle of war time and he really didn't get settled into the job of president before he had to deal with it. Look if you want to vote for Mr. Obama then go and do that but to blame McCain for what Bush has or has not done is just plain ignorant. Change Change Change and not one word of example and you buy it. This man who is all about change has spent 20 years in a church that preaches hatred and mistrust of white people and America and dont bother telling me it did not happen because I HAVE LISTENED TO THREE OF THIS MAN'S SERMON'S AND NOTHING IS OUT OF CONTEXT. Believe me when I tell you a man's faith is VERY important in his choices and the way he lives his life. Do not sell it short. He is not only friends with radicals who thought it a good thing to plan bombings of our pentagon and capital he sat on one 9 member board with one of them. Now of course he is not the same as he used to be, why if you doubt that just ask him. Now when it comes to McCain all I hear about is the Keating 5 and nobody ever talks about how the lead investigator on the investigation said and recommended Mccain is the only one who should be removed from prosecution. We will never hear about that because the media has made their decision and that is that and we will not get that information except on page 10 of the home and garden section.


If you are a black person and you are voting for Obama because of the race thing then I salute you if not and you vote for him because of guilt, then shame on you. I started looking into Obama about a year ago because I was going to vote for him but after I looked around I will vote for McCain because you see HE IS NOT BUSH and he has the experience and the will to turn this country around. What I hate about politics is the unfairness that is played on the person the media doesnt like. Look at all the actors and entertainers out there who are given air time to speak up for their favorite and some people actually fall for this, as if this bunch of uneducated individuals are capable of making ANY kind of correct decision. Just because you can act does not mean you know more that me or anybody who takes the time to investigate there choice. You see I do not believe that ANYBODY who does look into Mr. Obama will in all good faith vote for this man.


I know this is long but I just got started and could not quit. If you bothered to read it all thank you Bohank.

Uploaded 09/13/2008
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