why do we stereotype others and why do why try ourselves to fit

Was just reading some blogs people have written and alot of of what people are saying is either attacking or defending different ways of presenting yourself. Stereotypes appear to me to be especially obvious during college, high school and university. For example; someone may say that they are indiviual and deep because they are an emo and wear all black and write poems and stuff, or someone may think they are so alternative because they are an indy kid and these are things that apparently noone else is. I guess its in our nature to categorise things, its how we live, if you walk into a supermarket all the dairy products are in one section. All the bread products are in another section, I guess its easier to find everthing this way, after all, if the bread was scattered round the whole store it would take ages just to do a simple shop. Anyway, im rambling now, basically the point I'm trying to make is that by trying to be alternative or different alot of people are just conforming to a minority or majority norm. Essentially, if someone was to become a "cool kid" or a "nerd" or whatever group of people they associate with at college or school or uni or whatever the best thing to try and be is just be yourself. If your a skater then be a skater, if your a jock, be a jock, but this doesnt make you alternative and individual to anyone else, what makes you indiviual is how you are, what choices you make in everyday life. So I guess its probally best to just be happy, have fun, live for the moment, but save for the future, be kind, be generous but dont be stupid. I'd just like to say that this is just my own opinion and probally alot of people think I'm wrong but hey, your all intitled to voice your opinion and I respect that. Just wondering what people think, please feel free to comment, whether positive or negative.

Peace out  

Uploaded 07/14/2008
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