Why God Exist, a Different Approach

I know God exist because the English language consists of 26 simple letters. Our number system has 10 digits, a piano has 88 keys, a guitar between 21 and 24 frets, we perceive only three dimensions, scientist know of 117 different elements that make up the entire universe.

My idea starts like this, from 26 simple symbols in the English language we can construct and communicate thoughts, ideas, perplexities, confusions, love, hatred, laughter any possible emotion, inspire wars, negotiate peace, any conceivable notion before time, at any time and well into the future.

The number system of 10 simple digits from 0-9. Absolutely, astounding! The concept of zero or nothingness the bases of all past and future calculations. Without it technology would be at a stand still. Within nothingness all is conceived.

My old friend a Gerard Heitzman upright grand piano, formerly owned by a concert pianist who lost her hand in an accident, and purchased by my family in the 1950's before I was born. This beauty was built in 1918 and refurbished in 1980. The sound this epic instrument creates could only be accomplished with the help of God. The Sound Board, (in capitals because it is a living being), is made from the straightest grained sitka spruce the universe has to offer. To think of the amazing amount of musical creations that has been and still can be created from just 88 keys is absolutely spell binding.

The guitar, acoustical, electrical, twelve string whatever configuration, consists of between 21 to 24 frets. If ever there was a sword of God this would be it and adding electricity to it totally awe inspiring. Never mind just one God or two Gods, but many guitar Gods, who place there souls upon the finger boards to reignite  our disconnected consciousness.


Three dimensions we perceive, more hypothesized  and even more not philosophized. But consider the three dimensions we all are aware of and from it, all that has been achieved. Now add on more dimensions each one exponentially increasing the potential outcomes of language, numbers, music etc. The possible outcomes are incalculable.

One hundred and seventeen elements so far discovered by man. From these 117 building blocks all you see and all the rest of the earth sees is constructed. Our bodies, our planet, and everything contained here in composed of 117 building blocks. My Lego set had more parts.

It is laughable, if not just totally pathetic the human race thinks that a speck of cosmic dust, (relative to the universe), can achieve all the possible outcomes we have created, the philosophy, the music, the literature, the sciences and technologies, from such a relatively small subset of variables, but the entire Universe could not produce One God!









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