Why Hasn't Something Been Done About this Already?

<span>Resource Based Economy </span>

Make it all free, and then what? We stop doing our jobs in society? We stop moving forward? We lose motivation?


Make it all for free, why not... What joy in life is there in having things? What pleasure do we keep in death from ownership of things? We are fools to think we own anything at all...



Give it for free, let us use the devices and tools and luxuries. Let us have, but for the short moment our existence may be, the resources that the earth has to offer us; Shelter, water, food, energy, communication, education, Information, work environment, healthcare, manufactured goods, Society, Market goods, and So on... Let all Human beings have these for Free and Without Ownership..





  <span>We treat each other like shit, and for so long now it has gotten to a point where it is seen as part of our everyday life, something we can't change...Won't change... for so many reasons.</span>


 Ignorance is an extremely huge factor. The more people remain in the dark, the less chance we have of moving forward as a species.  It is a matter of proper education and how we go about ensuring that future generations take the right path.  The more we peel away at this issue, the more we see that there is a flaw in the early childhood to adolescent education systems that we use today all around the world, which restricts children from thinking and growing by assimilating and segregating them at a young age which is why so few get to reach tertiary level schooling.


Permanence is another issue we have to face. All of us on some level seek a form of permanence and throughout life we get to a reality we either: dont accept, cant understand, fear, or ideally embrace. The fact that there is no such thing as permanence can be an extremely unsettling feeling for most people.


A Short Poem by Matthew Antoniazzi (grade 10)  

Just sitting here breathing:

I can Feel Resonate inside of me all the splendor of being alive, and to have my five senses, and the orbit of the planet around the sun and all the wonderful things happening at once all around me in this great big universe... It's almost devastating to think that I will lose all of this...That I may never hold my beloved in my Arms and feel her lips kiss mine, That I may never again read to my son by the wood burning fire on Cold winter evenings, Taste the fresh Cut meat at our family dinners on holidays Or play an improvised piece of music on my Piano again


This is the Problematic in the Human condition that depresses us as a thinking civilization, and brings us deeper into chaos and misery. The more we learn about the true nature of Death and life, the less the desire for permanence and vulnerability to ignorance becomes an issue all together, and as a result, Agony and Suffering will vanish. We will be at peace with our fate, and civility will be common.


Segregation/Discrimination This is why we as a race, have a judgment based on looks and history, this is why we can't get along. The issue is easily fixed by a slight change in vocabulary. We should no longer refer to them as, Black people, Poor people, White people, ect. If we changed the vocabulary to : People who are black, People with little money, people comes first, then the standard. Not the other way around. This slight change will psychologically make a big difference in the way we view another race or standard.


 In retrospect, there are a lot of issues to be addressed but these are the first 3, Permanence, Segregation, Ignorance. If we can clear the air of these things first the rest will follow and with ease. The Mission: is to be more than Animal, To be Human.

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