Why I cant drink milk....

Over xmas break all of my buddies from HS came back into town from their respective cities. My one friend Chris who is a promoter in Nashville told me one of the most disturbing stories ever.

Apparently one of his roomates is a big workout freak. So he goes through a lot of milk drinking protein shakes. One day Chris gets home from work at the same time as his roomate gets home from the gym.

Immediately his roomate goes to mix up one of those protein shakes. As he is mixing it with the Milk all of a sudden an object leaves the gallon of milk and plops into his shake.

He is curious as to why there is an object in his milk as any other person would be. Pours the shake through a strainer and guess what that object was.....

A fucking dead mouse. Not like with skin and shit but the skelaton of a dead mouse. I dont know how that is possible with the pasturization and what not but he swears it is true.

I cannot drink milk any more

Uploaded 01/13/2009
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