why I hate 95% of the people who leave comments

Where do I begin? For starters, I hate everyone that leaves a message that just says "lol" or "ROTFL". What is the point of telling us that? I have seen some videos that are funny, but never have I literally "Rolled On The Floor Laughing". Nothing is that funny.

I hate when people start talking about politics on the message board. How credible is that?

"where did you hear that?"

"I read it on the comment board on ebaums world for some video where a guy gets hit in the face with a excercise ball"

People that try to prove they are "successful" by telling us that they have a 8000 sq ft house on the comment board on the blast billiards board. Do you really think we are going to believe you because you left a message on a video pool game?

I hate when people claim they went to "ivey league" schools but have really poor grammar and spell cuss words like "fuk" and "nigga".

Then there is always that guy who just writes "fake" on everything.

But worse of all, I hate the guy who acts like he is some tough bad ass and threats people on kicking their ass. Fuck you "tough guy behind the computer screen". You are a fucking loser and will never meet anyone to "fight" you in real life you pussy.

Uploaded 11/12/2008
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