Why i hate the news. and i'm sure you do too.

I'm gonna go ahead and start this off the right way. FUCK the media. Liberal and Conservative media both. I'm seriously dumbfounded on why the news is harping over this little white chick who has been missing for a month. When it first happened, ok, i said i hope she is ok. but now? i could care less if she's alive or not. 

The Freaking media is so enamored by this little girl that I see nothing but her on the fucking news. I'm thoroughly sick of hearing about that shit and i'm pretty certain that, mentally handicapped people aside, the rest of the US doesnt care either. I do feel sorry for the little girl though, not because she is kidnapped or dead or what, but because when and IF she is found, the police will have to explain to her why mommy or daddy is in jail and why her mom was partying for a month instead of looking for her. It will do some serious damage to the kid. Probably enough to make her a contributer to this site. 

One more thing. Another reason why the media makes me want to off myself more than Anna nicole smith did is that once the story is ACTUALLY over they dont revisit it ever again, because its not good news anymore.

Remember the vegetable Terri Shaivo? you know the one. The brain dead living corpse of a woman that her family kept insisting for some asinine reason that she was aware and mentally sound? Well some time after that whole media fiasco happened I happened to be reading the newspaper. Yes i can do it, usually comics or the editorials to see how stupid people are when they voice their opinion about whatever random shit has pissed them off. Anyway, I remember that the Terri Shaivo thing was all over the news papers when it was "popular" to talk about. Not that it should have ever been. She should have been used for organ harvesting but whatever. Anyway. she was front page material for god knows how long and when they finally pulled the plug the media coverage ended. I just happened to be reading the newspaper and found a Extremely small article about how once they did the autopsy they found out she WAS actually brain dead, not mentally there, Kaput, her "soul" went to hell, whatever you wanna say about it. Her brain neurons had degraded so much that an MRI of her head would look like a dead tree with no leaves. A healthy brain being one with leaves for you people who dont get the analogy. It just makes me mad that all my religious friends who agreed with the family, and not the actually intelligent husband who was right about her really not being sentient anymore, didnt give me a chance to gloat that I was right like i ALWAYS am. Simply because nobody cared anymore. 

With the exception of a rare few agencies and reporters,such as BBC world news and the naked news, the media should be fucking ashamed of itself for displaying what it calls the news. And I hope that when they die, Anyone in the news and anyone watching it with any real concern for this stupid shit will burn like when it does when i pee.



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