Why I'm Voting Democrat.

I think Cuba and China should be able to drill for oil 50 miles from our shores, but we shouldn't be able to drill for it 100 miles from
Our shores.
I'm worried that some might spill, even though during Katrina not one drop was leaked from over 3200 wells off the shore
Of Louisiana, or any on-shore storage tanks. It could happen. Maybe.

I think nuclear power is bad even though France (my dream country) gets 80% of its electricity that way, we have 104 plants operating
Now that have never had a single death associated with them, the fuel is totally renewable, a kilowatt hour can be produced cheaper
Than any other way, and there are no atmospheric emissions.
Okay, that's all good, but the problem is, some company might make
Money and employ people, and I'm against that.

I think killing unborn, innocent babies is fine, and euthanizing old, sick people is fine, but executing convicted guilty murderers is not.

Instead, they should have cable, a gym, a library....

I think we should ignore the fact that adult stem cells are involved in over 90 current cures and treatments, but embryonic stem cells
Have yet to be effective in even one. It doesn't matter, we need to destroy those embryos.

I think showing my generosity by taking one person's money from him so I can give it to another person who didn't earn it, is better
Than me giving my own money. I'm really generous with other peoples' money.

I think the government is too small, and we shouldn't let people take care of themselves. They don't really know what's good for them.

The government should be making these decisions.

I think that being allowed to keep more of my own money is a disincentive for me to go out and earn more.

I think the top 1% income bracket paying 37% of the taxes isn't enough. And, the top 5% paying over 57% isn't enough.
It's not fair that
These people get to keep some of their money. They should pay their "fair share" even though I'm not sure what that would be.

I think we should have judges who make up the laws they want, and not be bothered by silly ideas of having elected representatives
Make laws, or paying attention to what the Constitution actually says, not what they want it to say.

I think being a US citizen shouldn't really mean anything and we should give all our Constitutional rights to anyone who wants them -
Even our enemies.
Oops, I didn't mean we actually have enemies; they're just people we did something to upset, and we just don't
Understand them correctly.

I think if we just played patty-cake with Admedinejad and got to know him, he wouldn't think we're the Great Satan anymore, and we
Could be friends. Oh, and I also believed Kim Jong I l when he said they weren't making nukes.

I don't think anything is really worth fighting for, especially America, because we're the whole reason there are problems in the world

I'm not interested in people being free. I just want the French and the UN to like us.

I don't think the laws of supply and demand are real. I think that's all just a big Republican conspiracy.

I'm worried about global warming, even though the Earth has been cooling for 8 years, the south polar ice cap is growing faster than
The north pole's ice is shrinking, and there is a direct correlation between the change in the Earth's surface temperature and sun spot
Activity. That stuff doesn't matter, what matters is we need to get rid of SUVs.
Oh, and I also know CO2 is a pollutant, even though it's
Natural and trees need to ingest it to live. Al Gore's my hero.

I believe that NAFTA is bad, even though all the trading partners have had an enhanced standard of living, unemployment is down in all
Three countries, and average wages are up.

I don't think a parent has any business deciding how his child will be educated. This is a job better left to the federal Education Dept.

And the teacher's unions.

I don't think anyone should be able to voluntarily put a small bit of his social security into an account that he actually owns and
Controls. If the -2% return the government is getting you on your social security isn't enough for you, you're just greedy.

I think welfare is great, and if someone doesn't want to work, even though they can, why should we make them? Instead, we can just
Take someone else's income, and give it to them because it would be cruel to make them work when they don't want to.

I want socialized medicine, because that way everyone gets the same level of care, and so what if you have to wait three years to get
your hip replaced. You don't need to walk can go on welfare!

I think Bush lied about Iraq even though every intelligence agency in the world said the same thing our CIA did, and all the major
Democrats saw the same data and also said the same thing, and they all voted for it.
Oh, and we just did it for oil, even though we're
still waiting for that cheap oil....

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