Why is this website a herb magnet?

So it occurred to me that I enjoy talking shit on people more than life itself.  After I had this epiphany, i decided, what better place to find someone to talk shit on while i'm bored at work than Ebaums?  This site attracts more gays than a brazillian shit orgy at Elton John's house.  Trust me, I've been, 1 word, delicious.

Anyhoo, i began my search in the most obvious place, the blog section, and what do i come across on my first glance at the page?  Some guy who looks like the fat version of Billy Corgan if he dressed up like the terminator, and was a fag.

His name is chopper something, i didn't really take time to look at the name, and it was really difficult to see the screen because i was crying from laughing so hard at what a tool this guy looks like.  Now i'm willing to bet good money that he's gonna come back at this and be like "thats not even me" and some shit like that.  Yeah ok, thats totally you dude, and you definately are a big fan of the penis.

Let me ask you someththing.  Have you lost your virginity?  I mean be honest.  In all seriousness, from the way you respond to posts, and the way you look, I'm gonna give 3 to 1 odds that you have not had sex with a woman in the past 10 years.  I'll give further 5 to 1 odds that you haven't seen your own penis in at least 15 years because your man-boobs block the line of sight from your head to your genitals. 

Now i don't know you well, and I didn't take time to look at your profile, and i didn't take time to actually learn anything about you.  I am writing this solely on your avatar and that stupid pedgeon post you put up in the blogs.  Baby pidgeons?  You know who else wonders about baby pidgeons?  The manson family, and thats because they're fucking nutso.

Who wants to take a guess how many times this guy has dressed up like neo from the matrix for Halloween.  If you can honestly say that you don't think that's been his costume for every halloween since that movie came out, please say so in the comments.  And chopper, i'm gonan need you to go ahead and write a response blog to this so i have some more material.  It's a long work week, and its only monday, so I'm gonna need someone to rip apart up here for the next 4 days.  Thanks pal, suck on ma ball sack.


Uploaded 12/15/2008
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