Why Obama May Not Be The Best Choice

As the results of the 2008 United State's Federal Election rolled in on Tuesday evening, unlike many people, both in the USA and here in Canada, I couldn't feel a sense of optimism. In fact, I feel very nervous about what will happen during Obama's tenure in the white house. At 47 years of age, he is a relatively young and inexperienced politician, definitely not a good thing considering the economic crisis that the United States, and even to a degree, Canada is in at this point in time. Obama promised change, yet he never went into too much detail on what change he would make, or how he would accomplish it. That is a major concern for me, as it seems the American citizens voted him into office because of his charisma as a public speaker, and that fact that he is an African American. There is nothing wrong with that, but I do believe it played a key part in him winning the election. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, he is at a greater risk of being assassinated, due to extremist groups, in fact, before he won, there was a planned attempt, which was stopped before it could go anywhere.

My main issue lies with his policies. A Republican would have better served our interests here in Canada, in terms of border exports among other things. It seems like hating George Bush is the popular thing ot do these days, but he did a great job in keeping American/Canadian relations strong. Remember a few years ago, with the huge issues regarding softwood lumber trade? Bush immediately did all he could to help us out in that, and as a result, we were able to move more softwood lumber at a better equilibrium cost, keeping some of our industry thriving. Also, when concerns among the American public arose about our border safety, Bush defended us.

One of the key things Obama promised Americans is that he would tax the rich more, rather than the middle and lower classes, and the middle class seems to think that this will save them money, and not affect them to as large of a degree. However, raising the taxes on the rich includes oil companies who will compensate with higher fuel costs, the grocery distributors who will compensate with higher food costs, the clothing manufacturers, and so and and so forth. Meaning the cost of everyday items will most likely go up in the next two or three years, and with their economy still recovering during that period, the citizens will not save or make enough extra money to compensate for that cost. So in reality, there is a good chance that trying to solve the economic issues by taxing the rich more will only make them much worse, at least in the short term, which many people simply cannot afford. Also,with costs of goods rising, distributors may not want to pay as many employees, and more people could get laid off from their jobs.

Also, Obama mentioned in his acceptance speech after winning that Americans would have to buckle up, and sacrifice for the good of the country. How is this a good change? The American people should not be made to give up their hard earned money to pay for the mistakes of the federal government. Why isn't he pledging instead that government will make sacrifices? Why isn't he saying that the federal government is going to tighten its belt? No! He's promising to do the exact opposite of that. All the American people represent to him is a giant ATM from which he can endlessly draw to fund his expansion of the federal government and its influence over American's lives. With Obama, expect to see more intervention and dictation of the private sector.

Add to the fact that, despite whether or not you support the war in Iraq or oppose it, Obama has no military experience. What is another crisis hits the countr,y and military action is needed? Obama will falter in any case like that.

In closing, I honestly wish Barack Obama well in his tenure as President. I think he is a poor choice ot lead the country at this moment, but we will all have to live with him for at least four years. Iti s simply my opinion that Obama is an empty suit with pretty speeches. Nothing more.

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