Why PepperPeanuts Does a Good Job

I don't know if you guys remember the 2006-2008 staff and the fact that you could get banned for saying the 'N' word or calling Bauman a faggot? I got banned for posting a comment with "nigger" in it. Not by PP.

And when some flaggot tried to make some of my blogs disappear, Pepper unflagged them.

What else? Almost any time I had a problem with the site, he pmed me back in a matter of minutes. He cares about the website.

Not only that, when I asked him if there could be a new ps contest, he's made one the same day.

As far as I know, it's thanks to Pepper that the Blogs section got updated and has the embed options for pics and clips now (this wasn't possible before).

I've made an original concept gallery about Ebaumsworld some time ago and he offered to ask the people in charge of main page if it should get featured. And it got featured that day.

So to all the haters (yeah, I mean both of you) - Shut your faggot-ass mouths. You know shit about good moderating or quality blogs. Or good music. Not to mention fashion

Uploaded 06/12/2011
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