Why Ron Paul Is An Ignoramus

Recently I have proved that Ron Paul is a liar and the worst candidate for US presidency. Some people still  continued to defend him, despite my impeccable logic and arguments that crushed anyone that would try to convince me Ron Paul is not all about legalising drugs and freeing criminals, so that they roam schools and sell drugs to children. LEGALLY. Don't forget about firing 80% of the soldiers because the country pays them too much. What's even funnier, some of Ron Paul fanatics claim in their propaganda that many soldiers support Paul. It is highly unlikely that soldiers are wimps who want to become parking attendants thanks to Ron Paul.

The only people who vote for Ron Paul are drug addicts. Statistics don't lie. Scientists proved that every person who have chosen Ron Paul as their candidate in a poll prepared especially to tell who votes for who... that 100% of the people who checked Ron Paul were for legalising drugs and that they smoke pot.

Ironically, 89% of the people who voted for Barack Obama in the poll were college graduates. Only 2.3% of Ron Paul supporters finished college.

If you think Ron Paul is a wise choice for your country, think again. Why would he want to legalise drugs? Watch the clip below and you'll know why.

Uploaded 08/15/2012
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