Why the World Is The Way It Is.

Many people will remember my blogs about psychopaths. I basically suggested that psychopaths are an important aspect of everyday life and most people don't even realize it. After a few blogs I may have convinced a few people of this or at least enlightened them a bit on the subject. Others became angry or  totally dismissed my ideas. It did make for some great discussions regardless of your views on the subject.

I still study the subject of psychopathy as it connects the dots between people and World events. Once you become to understand how it works it becomes like a tool or an open window into the workings of mankind. It is not a subject to fear and the actual people who are psychopathic in your life probably don't pose a threat to you. In fact when you learn to recognize it you can defend yourself against potential damage it may cause you.

You would be surprised to learn that  events close to you and even within the blogs of eBaums World demonstrate psychopathic events that do affect people. Of course, World events of destructive natures are caused by highly intelligent psychopaths.

It is my contention that if the majority of people learned to recognize the psychopath and deal with them proficiently, then in most democratic and capitalistic societies the human experience would greatly benefit. In fact in any governmental or economical situation, if psychopathic  people are readily identified and dealt with the World would quickly become a better place. To not see and understand who they are is extremely dangerous and destructive, not just to mankind but in every aspect with regards to this planet.

If my articulation on the subject fails to convince you, then I ask you to watch the following video. I think it will amaze you and open your eyes to how you view the World.


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