Why weed should not be legalized?

My argument for not legalizing Marijuana is much like my argument for making E legal. Marijuana is a drug with is dealt with by criminals, who grow it to fund their activities, it is used by people who buy different types of Marijuana for different highs. If all Marijuana is legalized, it will be heavily regulated, which for a lot of users would defeat the point of using pot in the first place. As pharmaceutical companies would be extremely limited to what crops they can grow and how it would be distributed to the masses, an age limit would have to be settled, which would not even be a suitable deterrent, as if weed is legal it may well be readily available at a local supermarket and therefore more accessible to opportunist teenagers than it is in this day an age, think on it, how many teenagers have you passed by a local shop and they have asked for you too buy cigarettes or alcohol, you may not but many more would buy it for them.

                 Turning back on the subject of crime, the trade in weed, like any other drug is a multi-million dollar criminal industry, even if one or all governments in the world legalize pot it would not stop the demand for the illegal kind, which would be stronger as it would be unregulated and therefore would undermine legislation for legal Marijuana. From the highest ranking drug lord to the lowest street dealer, not one of the shadowy characters who deal in weed would sit idly by while pot is made into a marketable product by corporations, they would continue to grow their own and sell it to avid seekers of illegal pot. It may well be illegal in other countries and be a jurisdictional nightmare at customs in ports and airports. 

                   Yes, there is an argument for the revenue created by the sales and tax on legal weed, let alone employment for people too grow, harvest, package and sell weed. But it is in a category along with class A drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, if weed is legal, then it won't be long before class A drug users are knocking on the supreme courts door to legalize their drug of choice as it could be argued as discriminatory, hypocritical and ethically obtuse if one drug is illegal and the other is legal. 

                   Yes, it could be argued that there are modern legal medications which are addictive such as codeine and morphine. But this is semantics as the definition of addiction is described as a physical or psychological need for a habit-forming substance, such as a drug or alcohol or a habitual or compulsive involvement in an activity, such as gambling. You can turn anything into an addiction, sex, drugs, rock and roll, yoga, the list goes on and on. Arguing that a medicine is also addictive is irrelevant as I don't see anyone dealing headache tablets on the street. To re-iterate, one of the main reasons weed is illegal is it is a heavy source of crime which would not vanish should pot be made legal. It would more likely increase crime I have already stated there would be a high demand for unregulated weed.

                      Finally, stating that the use of weed only effects those involved is a statement which to me is very naive -this is not an insult- maybe try asking someone who has had their house broken into, or someone who has been mugged on the street for their valuables from a criminal who is stealing to feed their habit of legal or illegal Marijuana, if they feel that the use of weed only involves those who smoke it.
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