Why Why Why

The air is thick, coats my tongue, sticks to nose hairs.

Before me lies open bowel, shit sacks split.

Fallen men, no eyes, no ears.

Noses vanquished, tongues shredded, hang like tassled threads.

Fingers stubbed to feel no more.


My limbs cold and torn.

Must rest here soon.

Cannot lay among the men,whose bodies so defiled.


I seek the tree of knowledge, within its boughs I shall sleep.

I dream of Raven in Sparrows wake.

Why do you fight this fight?

For you will surely loose.

Lay sweet Sparrow at Ravens taloned feet.


Sparrow struggles to survive.

Raven tires eats shit flies and maggot meat.

Sparrow who has no song, God will sow your soul for future reap.

Sparrow who does sing, God will bring you into host.


I drop from limbs that kept me safe.

To stand erect and fight the fight I cannot win.

I find the flesh thats safe to eat,

and make my sausage meat.

I pull my blade and strike my foe,

whos steel boots crush me like spiders splotch.


I fall to sleep and sing the song,

with Sparrow I shall go.


Uploaded 04/11/2010
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