WhyNot Story Contest Entry 1

Running. Can't stop. Can't think. Just run. 'If I stop, I will die. If I stop, I will die' This was the only thing keeping me going at the moment. Self-preservation. Survival. The instinct that we would never forget. Or so we thought.

Let me backtrack, as all great writers do. I don't assume to be a great writer though, I'm just doing this to keep me sane. Insanity is what got most of my friends killed. Mass-panic. A mindless horde, but unlike the real mindless horde, they could actually use their brains. They just decided not to. But now I'm getting off track. You see, it's the year 2105. Or is it 2104? I guess it doesn't matter, but what does matter is that we screwed up. You see, as populations increased, so did disease. Newer, stronger, more contagious diseases started appearing. They came upon us so fast that antibiotics couldn't keep up with them. We didn't know what to do. So we turned to the only person with a solution; Dr. Umbra. He stumbled upon what could have possibly been mankinds greatest discovery. Too bad we misused it. You see, Dr. Umbra enjoyed deep sea diving. Odd, I know. I can hardly believe it myself. But while diving off the coast of [Location Omitted], he found something incredible; the key to everlasting life. The bacteria found would act as a living cell would. There was only one problem; it only worked on an already deceased person. All trials performed on living humans resulted in death. After death, the "corpse" would be reanimated. The bacteria would accumulate in the brain of the deceased and replace dead cells with living ones. The bacteria would supply the "cells" with all the nutrients they needed. As long as enough bacteria surrounded the cells, they would live. Amazing, right? That's what we thought too. In theory, it was ideal. You would no longer feel hunger, thirst, or fatigue. But most importantly, they were resistant to all forms of infection. An unstoppable force. So, seeing this new opportunity, the Army decided it could use this to create "Super Soldiers". But they tampered with the original bacteria. They started doing tests. The bacteria, when exposed to different chemicals, were damaged. Almost like a cancer cell, a damaged bacteria made more damaged bacteria. This is where the trouble began. 

I found these journal logs when I was passing through [Location Omitted]. Where the Army did its testing.

Test subject J905: Corpse was brought into containment room. All measure of precaution were taken, as procedure dictates. Test subject injected with bacteria "X".

30 Minutes: No activity.

1 Hour: Test subject J905 appears to have been taken as a succesful host for bacteria "X". J905 remains strapped to table. We will now send in a willing volunteer to gauge J905's reaction. Immediatley after our volunteer entered the testing area, J905 started moaning. Annoying, really. We urged the volunteer to move closer, and with trepidation, he did. Now J905 is thrashing about, reaching for our volunteer. She appea- Oh my GOD! Dammit Billings! Holding straps have been accidentally released. J905 gets off the table and reaches for our volunteer, moaning louder with each step. -SECURITY, GET IN THERE!- Our volunteer scramble for the door, which is sealed from the control room. We cannot allow J905 to escape. Volunteer sinks to floor, screaming incessantly. J905- Oh my GOD!!- grabs him, pulling him closer, then bites him, tearing out his jugular. Volunteer crumples to floor, as J905 continues devouring him. -DAMMIT, get security in there NOW!!!- Trail marked as failure.

This is just one of many of these so called "experiments". Maybe one finally got loose. We don't know, and we probably will never know for sure. But something got out. And started this, this hellhole we call home. Most of the population was infected within a 5 year span. The rest are in hiding. No one dares gather, because when more than a few of us congregate, they find us. The "Holy Crusaders" are, or should I say were, a group that thought they were the spawn of Satan. They took it upon themselves to "cleanse the Earth of this filth in the name of God". A lotta good that did them. Let's just say, that when they had their little club meeting, they attracted every ghoul in a ten mile radius. Poor bastards. So humanity scattered. Fled to the corners of the Earth, trying to escape this tireless horde of walking dead. But they did have one weakness; their brain. If you could destroy the brain of one of these beasts, they would no longer be able to rise. Any other form of injury would be shrugged off. I would like to continue reminiscing about how this all started, but I can no longer write. It grows dark now, and the concept of night and day make no difference to a ghoul. I will continue writing this diary as a reminder of what was, and hopefully future inhabitants will not make the same mistakes we did.

The Zombie Diaries: Entry One




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