Wild and Sexy Christmas Party

Yesterday was my office's christmas party under the theme sex, drugs and rock n roll. Considering I work in a law firm I never expected this to happen in the first place but everyone thought it was a great idea so we went for it. We decided to exchange gifts that were fitting the theme and lets just say I dont rememeber ever laughing so much before at any office party!


The guy who came up with the idea was picked by his secretary and she bought him a fucking blow up doll with 3 holes. He inflated the thing and carried her around poking random stuff in her different holes like a cell phone, a wine bottle and the plush giraffe hiding a vibrator in its neck (a present someone else got). That secretary received a giant 15 inch tall dick shaped candle and a bottle of strawberry flavored lube. I should mention the lady is about 60 years old and slightly overweight with thick glasses.


Then we have the vietnamese notary whos married to the portugese lawyer; she received some chinese geisha balls on a string. Everyone was passing them around the table when we had dinner at some fancy restaurant. They would get them to vibrate and throw them to other people! Very classy!


We have this intern from france and hes usually a very shy and quiet guy, he received a box of glow in the dark condoms and a male thong. Some of the girls told him that tradition in quebec when you receive a piece of clothing as a gift is that you have to try it on to see if it fits and to show the person who gave it to you how good it looks on you. So he went to the bathroom and changed underwear, came back to the conference room and he stood in front of the girl who gave him the thong. He said he would honor our tradition and started unbuckling his belt, took his pants off and showed us his hairy ass! People took pictures and filmed it so ill try to have something to post on here!


The gift I got is a blowjob lipgloss. Heres what the box says: Discover the art of ultimate oral pleasure... Apply the your or your lovers lips and experience the joy of giving and receiving the divine sensation of oral pleasure. The warming-cooling effect of the gloss is designed to sensatize and exite both male and female intimate areas while maintaining the sensation level to the edge of an orgasm peak... An unfforgettable erotic experience... Sure to make you ask for more!


At the restaurant one of the lawyers got totally hammered drunk and fell on his ass when he tried to sit down on his way back from the bathroom ( probably puking). Then he fell asleep on the table for half an hour. When we left the restaurant he suddenly wandered away when we were trying to haul a cab for him. So me and 2 others ran after him and put him in the damn cab to make sure he gets home safely.


I had an awesome night out with a great group of people, eating titty cupcakes, cock shaped chocolates and tartar steak. Is it going to be possible to top that next year?

Uploaded 12/12/2009
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