Will Rocksmith Be A Revolution In Video Games?

There's been a lot of different ideas about new video game concepts ever since the custom controllers for Guitar Hero came out. Later, there was the Wii controller. But this time, it's gonna be big.

I never had the urge to play the gay-ass Guitar Hero series. I've heard a lot of people enjoy it, some of them are even professional musicians. The whole idea of using 4 or 5 buttons to simulate playing a guitar never interested me. That's why the thing Ubisoft is planning to release in 6 months really got my attention.

What is Rocksmith? It's basically a guitar hero type game, only you play an actual guitar. You plug in an electric guitar to your X-Box through a special extension plug or whatever. Then you use it like you'd use a game controller.

What's so awesome about it? You still don't know? Are you a fucking moron? You play a video game on an electric guitar! Imagine how it's gonna look in a co-op mode. There better be an option to jam with your buddy on two guitars.

Here's a clip showing how the thing's gonna work.

As you can see from the video, they already hired the Arab guy from LOST to do the commercials. You can tell they are serious.

The awesome thing is everybody can play - from beginners to actual musicians. The question is - what songs will be available and how many on each level. It's obvious that speed players will be interested in some Dragonforce and similar gay shit, but they'll be bored with the easy parts. Newbies, on the other hand, won't be able to play onĀ 
harder levels at all, obviously. I guess it only works if they give you a variety of additional songs to buy.

What do you think - is this cool or what?
Uploaded 03/28/2011
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