Will The Internet Become Boring?

This is just a random question not an attempt at a statement of fact or my dyed in the wool belief. It would seem that once a person has absorbed their potential or that which they find interesting enough to examine, that a kind of supersaturation takes place by which further internet exploration will become mundane. There are only so many subjects one person can adequately explore limited by intellectual capacity, learning ability, open mindedness and keen interest. After they have been exhausted all that remains are updates and an unnatural social environment. A kind of super hub or interactive router that you or others can filter the content by will or subversion. Not that the social characteristic is negative due to it's ambiguity, in a way it adds a further dimension to how we can express ourselves, not just in medium, but in intent, or some other creative process, such as trolling or role playing for attention.

 I thirst for ideas, knowledge and creativity, not just my own, but more so, other's. Yet, the internet has become so impotent by its innate ability to absorb the absurd and obscure the  absolute that I find myself reading long PDF files that just end up being long winded explanations by people who seem to have an affliction with run on sentences. Then there are the peer reviewed journals that you have to pay for, usually $30.00 or more. I have a keen interest not a interest free Visa. 

It seems the internet will soon be no more fascinating than going to the local watering hole where the good, the bad, the ugly and everything else in between meets.  If that becomes the case, I'll need to make some more room in my garage for yet another piece of junk!  After which, I'll buy you a brewski at the Westminster Arms!

Uploaded 07/09/2012
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