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   Low and behold, the time is upon us again for a presidential election, and as far as I can tell Americans have given up on true politics.   I'm twenty-four, and a not so avid participent in the going ons of the publicity and media, so I'm safe from the irresponsible promises and flat out lies used to win over confidence by our body of candidates.   Being a generation-X'r, my disregard for the debates and fundraisers began as a simple act of rebellion, but over time I gained interest in knowing exactly where the money missing from my check was going and why.   Not being an economics expert, I couldn't directly locate the ports my cash sailed away to, but I've ascertained that a majority of govornmental waste is spent because of bad financial decisions made far in the past that cannot be rectified without a substantial effect on the economy and our day to day lives.   I probably know better than to state that sacrifice is our best bet on keeping this nation on top, because one thing desperate men do often when moneys short and the heads of the nation exhibit obviouse signs of weakness is rally for war and run to bloodshed for a quick increase, an act of foolishness so common throughout history we cannot deny its results.   War for profit will eventually happen, that can't change because it is one of the basic principals of evil, and the world is evil.   I believe this with all my heart and I'm writing to suggest something radical thats been said since the beginning of time; decide what you serve, and then decide how best to serve that which you have chosen.   Whatever you serve is your god, and what you do in the name of your god is your story.   You must be careful what you serve because there is plentiful evidence that as far as correct choices go, your options are limited to one.   I know what god I serve, and I doubt you care very much over who that is, so I won't go on preaching because this was not intended as a sermon.   Govornment is a type of god, serving as an omnipitent power to the feeble and a perfect antagonist to the prideful, which is how most of us view God when we choose to address Him by name.   But govornment was never intended to be more than a group of individuals appointed to different areas of public service, the types of work we give to people in lieu of jail time.   We are the govornment, and we always have been, so one man says "this is how we should do things", another says "what should we do", and the chain of command is established by wisdom and common sense, because we all need things done, and done well, by those willing to do them.   The people of this world must come together in one agreement, and that is that in order to do good business, it is best to regard your customer as your neighbor, and the best way to regard your neighbor is as a member of your family, and of course, we should love our family, so the chain is established by proxy.   love is first, family second, our neighbors third, and beyond that the labels are unneccesary in my eyes.   lets do away with this ideal of the govornment being an entity with self awareness and remember that it all starts at home, and our home priority should definitely be raising our family with love.  

   This blog was brought to you by my sense of self righteousness and a sincere wish to spread a view I belive to be not just good, but the only view that may allow growth for us.   Jesus loves you!:)

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