Winter Sucks

What is it about the weather that awalys makes you want a different season. For instance, this summer when it was sultry outside everyday all i could think about was winter and how nice it is when its cold outside. I guess mid summer and dead winter are on the extremes of the spectrum but whatever.

When it hasen't rained in a long time you think how nice it would be just to have a lazy rainy day. Then when it does rain it sucks because you want to be outside or have a bunch of shit to do.

Alll summer and fall i had myself convinced that i couldn't wait until it got cold. you know so you can get out your winter clothes wear jackets and such. however, last night i slept with my window open. This morning when i woke up it was 55 degrees in my room. It was like a rush of dejavo and in that instant i remembered just how much i hate the cold.

Cold hands and feet. Its easy to get your hands warm but when your feet are cold you can't just shove them in your arm pits.

No swimming, pools rivers lakes and all that comes with them, like girls in bikinies, water sports, drinking while tubing down the river all become useless in the winter.

The alarm clock. It is a million times harder to wake up in the morning when it is cold . Your alarm goes off you flip off the covers shut off the alarm realize its too cold and jump back under the covers.

Walking from the shower to your dresser. Its cold, so you take an extra hot shower then you leave the bathroom forgetting how cold it is and remember how lame the cold is.

Cold toilet seats. nothing sucks more than having to take a dump and sitting on a cold toilet seat.

Cold hands in reguards to taking a piss. Any guy knows what happens when you grab your dong with really cold hands.

Cold car. once you leave your house in the morning you have to wait for the engine to heat up before you can thaw out.

Jackets. Jackets are an inconvenience when it somes to the pocket game. you know the game you play when you cant find your lighter or whatever. you check your pants, back, cargo pockets then regular jacket pockets, breast pockets then weird zipper pockets before you realize you dont have it,.lame

dresses and mini skirts give way to jeans and the pink northface jackets no girl can live with out. YOu know the ones that are just soooooooooooo soft when they are new.

Outside. Outside sucks unless you have a raging fire which is tight. You have to put on layers of clothes then take them off.

cold noses ears and sickeness. people are sick all the time in winter. like the kid in your class you just want to tell to leave because he is coughing all over the place. Its like come on you proved your point, the teacher knows your sick, now get the fuck out of here with you disease ridden ass.

Rain is just miserable

Passing out outside. once that wiskey blanket wears off your sleep is over.

Riding with the windows up. I like to ride with the windows down and the music up.

Thats all i could think of for now but i'm sure there will be more.


Uploaded 10/20/2008
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