Wisdom... Teeth.

I had my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday afternoon. Apparently, they had to be removed because it made it impossible for me or my dental hygienist to clean the molars in front of them properly. I have been going every three months for four years to get my teeth clean. I believe a clean healthy mouth is a big part of healthy living.

My dentist referred me to a  periodontist and he suggested the wisdom teeth extractions. After which he will perform gum surgery on me. Two appointments will be needed to complete the surgery, each lasting about two hours.

What he needs to do is get at plaque deposits that have settled below the gum line. Apparently, this plaque releases acids that destroys the jaw bone. To do this he will peel my gums away from my teeth, remove the plaque and replace my gums.

Seems pretty extreme, but he assures me it is quite simple. For the two visits about four hours the total cost will be around $3800.00. Fortunately, my dental plan covers all but about $300.00.

I have always taken good care of my dental hygiene and still have all my original teeth. I have regular check ups, do my best to keep my teeth clean, and see the hygienist on a regular basis, but still I need dental surgery.

Perhaps I need a second opinion?


Uploaded 05/25/2010
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