Witty Humor Tees

Yes, I have actually seen that on a shirt. I used to love looking at these shirts and laughing at the things that would get people riled up, but I can't really do that any more. These shirts go beyond dry humor, they're just not funny.


I miss the days when I could wear my Cradle of Filth shirt to the mall on Sundays and get cussed out by the people who just got out of church. I never was a great fan of the band, but the shirt was fucking awesome. On the front, there was a picture (not some cartoon stuff) of a naked nun masturbating, probably with a cross. I don't remember, I've lost the shirt. ANYWAY... On the back, it said, in big, BOLD letters from the nape of the neck to the hem of the shirt, "JESUS IS A CUNT."


It was HILARIOUS. I got kicked out of the mall so many times for that shirt, but it was amazing. These days, I can't find a replacement for that. What happened to the witty humor tees that were actually funny and / or offensive? The funniest shirt I have now is one that says, "I love Muslim guys," because it elicits quite a response, but certainly not the one my other shirt could have gotten me.


Where have the good old days gone?

Uploaded 05/14/2008
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