Wokened up from a Dream.

I was just wokened up from a dream that seemed so real to me when I wokened up I jumped up and started going through my pockets, than after about 2 seconds i realised that it was just a dream. In my dream i dreamed that i was in some sort of cellphone store but it wasnt like one of those small ones you see on some busted ass corner in the ghetto. This was a horrifiedely gigantic store with cellphones and mp3 players on shelfs as far as i could look up. I was walking around with some white guy and he was just giving me free shit! Id be like "I Like That Phone" and he be like "You Like It?" You Can Have It" I was just walking through the store and this guy was just giving me all i wanted. I was gettin iphones, i was gettin blackberrys, i was gettin nanos, i was gettin ipads, i was gettin all kinds of electronicals that you could think of! I was even gettin electronicals that hasnt even came out yet! Right when I wokened up i started trifeling through my pockets like it was Christmas, i was for real so happy i got some new shit hahaha. It took me like 3 seconds and i said to myself "Awe Damn" and layed back down. Just wanted to share that with yall. that shit was depressing.
Uploaded 03/02/2011
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