Women in combat

Many people are opposed to the new lift on the ban on women in combat. I don't have statistics, but it's enough. Most of these reasons are made from pure ignorance and bias. The fallacy that women can't "hang with the boys" or that they don't have the strength of stamina for war. Let me just say this, women already fight in combative positions, they merely don't reap any benefits from it. Men get the medals the promotions and the glory.

Where stamina is concerned, it is not proven that women can't handle high stres situations. It rather comes down to the individual. Certain men cannot handle the stress of war, some can. It is the same with women. Where size is concerned, there are men in the military as small as 125 lbs. If a man that size is expected to carry another male who's twice his size, why can't women be trained to do the same? Another bias is that women menstrate, this has to be the most ridiculous one. Menstration does not cripple the human body. This is as relevant as me saying the lactose intolerant can't go to war because they get diahhrea from time to time. Uncomfortable but not paralytic.

Some of the top snipers in the world were female, yes FEMALE.

These ignorant biases must be overcome so we can step forth as a society and country. We need to honor our sisters in arms and support them, not tear them down.

Uploaded 02/04/2013
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