women are the cure

and they're also the ailment

they take men to lofty heights

and can drop them to impalement

from the depths of the low

to the peaks of the summit,

women make us soar

or they can make us plummet

they can heal our wounds

and also hold our hands

but they're so temperamental

difficult to understand

not all are the same

but they have some resemblance

sharing similarities

and sometimes calm temperance 

and still more are crazy

though men are also insane

but it seems more severe

in the female brain

run by emotions

not always by logic

like a runaway train

no way to dodge it

Women are the chorus, women are the chorus, women are the chorus

they're the best, and the worst

all rolled into one

drama and excitement

and oh, so much fun

caring, nurturing

passion incarnent

the male's more simple-minded

so easy to harm it

to bruise a man's ego,

doesn't take much

especially when girls

have the woman's touch

men love them and hate them

that's pretty much the gist

please don't label me

as a misogynist 

women are mysterious

they sometimes don't make sense

but the love they offer is worth the effort

so don't forget the compliments:

the givers of life

the mothers of all

from wombs spring our children

from chromosomes so small

they bleed when giving birth

they take all the pain

they bleed every month

and hide all the shame

it seems hard to comprehend

the depths that women feel

far deeper than most men

so fathomless, unreal

women make it better

far better than being alone

more addictive than all the drugs

is the love a woman's shown

love them, or leave them

you cannot escape

the tides of a relationship

can drown you in it's wake

but women are the end prize

and it would be a harsh mistake

to disregard their finer points

and instead, just start to hate

Lovers and liars

and misunderstandings

Leave it to laughter

and real romancing

there's a reason that artists

continue to portray 

the fairer sex

in wondrous ways

from Mona Lisa

to Venus Demilo

hard to capture beauty

more difficult to make her smile

a face that launched 

a thousand ships

throughout history

men have repeated these trips

I'd say we don't need women

but that would be an outright lie

without women's presence

man would not survive

Uploaded 03/28/2013
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