Woodcock 911 and 2012.

I really like Woodcocks passion for what he thinks happened on 911. His fears for 2012 are not exactly palatable but I do believe that it will be a turning point in history. Not trying to defend Woodcock here but I have been attacked for saying Woodcock is a great American.

Woodcock and people like Woodcock want some answers to what happened on 911. They have a right to those answer. The government has done a terrible job on presenting all the facts. I have satisfied myself on the collapse of building 7 from all the damage to the south side from falling debris and reading transcripts from the Fire Dept. I am less then satisfied with how buildings 1 and 2 collapsed and still am not satisfied. In the very least, it is totally unacceptable that a security breach of this magnitude happened under the noses of the USA defense forces. More appalling is the fact a barrage of security officials were not dragged through the coals charged with dereliction of duty and thrown in prison or at least publicly humiliated. That's the reason  Woodcock is a great American in regards to this issue. He has a right to know wtf went wrong, and he is going to get it kicking and screaming if he has to. Of course Woodcock alone wont get the answers but a whole bunch of Woodcocks will. The more Woodcocks the better until the truth is evident to all. Woodcockians have the right to know and the US government has a duty and responsibility to inform and satisfy all citizens as to what happened that fateful day.

I like the idea that the world will end in 2012. If it happens then "I wont have to work no more" or worry about the mortgage, groceries, bills and fighting traffic. Being a spiritual person raised Roman Catholic,I try to be a decent citizen as best as I can, so I believe God will bring me to a better place. Not going to throw myself in front of a bus of course, God frowns on that.

 Don't think the world will end in 2012. However,  do believe around that date, the structure of the world will change or start to change. A renaissance of some sort. Being an insightful person as are many others, to look at world events now and realize something big has got to happen to fix it is not conspiratorial, it is quite obvious to any intelligent observer. Things will change, just like the climate, just like land masses, just like the geopolitical systems. There will be crisis's so those in charge have a reason to get you to do whatever the hell they want you to do. 2012 seems to me to be a pretty good prediction of when all those will come together to reorganize the world. It's been done before and it's going to happen again. Don't freak out just be prepared and stay informed.

God bless American Dissenters! "It is after all the best form of Patriotism"... Thomas Jefferson. Not sure if I got the quote etiquette right, so don't jump down my throat if I didn't.

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