Woohoo, homecoming crap. -_-

Yeah, so I'm on the Junior powder puff team this year. I'm pretty excited, and our game is this monday. We're going against the seniors, even though we were originaly supposed to go against the freshman, and then there's also going to be no championship between whoever wins.


So whatever.

I got my shirt, too, and it's cool I guess. I mean, it's not hidious or anything. We were supposed to get red, but the bitch-ass coach decided on teal.

I hate our "coach". On the first day of practice, she actually straight out said "You guys, I really don't know anything about football, so you'll all just have to play how you think is is or something."




Anywho, my position is on the defense line. I like it there.

Here's a pic of the shirts we got.

And my number is 6, but it's on the back.





(sorry the pics are blurry, it's the camera on my cell)










So this next week is homecoming week, and there's a bunch of stuff going on like, crazy hat day, jersey day, and all that lol.

But I'm really excited for Friday's homecoming game, even though we'll probably lose. But afterwards, we're going out to TP my school =D

My mom's actually in on buying SHITLOADS of it for us.

And then Saturday is the dance..... meh.









Well, sorry for such a shitty random post, but I only post when I'm semi excited about something (like my tech club post a week ago)


So post comments and all that, but no bullshit, please!!




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