I've just got done with my finals. I passed all my classes with flying colors. Yeah, muthafuckas!!! I even passed my Cisco Routers class, which is a hellashish, grueling test of your skills. Don't you just love tests that directly mislead you in the answers? That's what Cisco's all about.
    Anyway, I've been burning the candle at both ends, finishing my semester, and writing a book at the same time. I may need to take a breather here for awhile, and sort out some crap.
    I made a note of my progress, by pages. On April 11, 2012 I had 159 pages, with 104,930 words. As of May 12th, I had 285 pages, with 146,151 words. So, in a month I've managed to produce about 125 pages and a grand total of 41,221 words. The series is at part 70 right now, so that's an average of 4 pages per blog post. That's single spaced too, not double-spaced. If given the proper double-spacing, it will amount to over 500 pages.
    That's a lot of writing. That's a lot of typing. That's a lot of reading.
    I'm grateful you eBaumers are taking the time to notice my endeavors. thanks for all that reading, hunched over a computer monitor, or laptop screen. Hopefully someday you will be leaning over your Kindle, or iPad, reading a PDF of my work. (Fingers crossed)
    I think the story will finish around 400 pages (800 if double-spaced). If I had to guesstimate, I would say this series might be finished around Part 100.
    I have a few weeks off before I start summer classes. I plan to finish Crook Takes Pawn, then take a mini vacation. After that, I'm going to start on my second book.
    (collective groan from eBaumers) That's right, I'll just have to flood the blog section again with my annoying attempts at being an author. Oh well, it seems to be working so far, so I'll stay the course. Hopefully my fellow bloggers won't hate me more than they already do.
     But know that I love you guys and gals. You give me legitimacy, and the far-off hope that I might succeed. I'm going to dedicate my second book entirely to eBaumsworld, which I'm sure is the first time in history that such a dedication has been made. Who knew that an alternative joke website would coalesce into such a vast resource for me? But it's appropriate, and I promise it really will happen.
    I'll see you at the end, faithful readers.
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