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I got a message on Myspace from a friend which read:


"i got a 14 day free trail of WoW and me mum might go buy it for me so yea. and I am a beta tester for the Gaia zOMG rpg coming soon"


I don't know what I was thinking, but I decided to write a lengthy reply to him, which was


" WoW? NO! .. Don't do it .. DONT DO IT!!

It's EVIL .. Once you're in .. You're IN FOR LIFE!!

14 day trial? .. Oh, yeah, that was me last year.

"14 day trial" I said. "I wont get addicted" I said.

Yeah .. well, that's what THEY ALL SAY!!

Then, a month later you can be seen on the corner, trying to sell your body for just 1 extra month subscribed.

It'll kill ya, brother .. KILL YOUR SOUL WITH ADDICTION!!

I mean, Sure... I played it last year .. and I quit it 2 months later.

I knew i was strong enough to do so.

Until .. Until I found myself dreaming about...

The classes, the mounts, The Adventurous Journey's through, what seemed like, Endless roads and paths.

Then, one morning while wondering why the fuck im actually eating "Raisin Bran" for breakfast, instead of "Raisin Bran Crunch" ...

I took off running down the Hallway.. It was all so fast that I blacked out for a moment.

When I came to, I was logged on to my Lvl 23 Night Elf, Standing in Stormwind City wondering what quest to do next.

.. I thought I had this addiction jacked off of me, but no .. no, it was only ME who had been jacked off.

I am still a Blizzard Zombie .. and I may forever be one.

.. You.. you still have a CHANCE!!

RUN, My friend, RUN!!

.. Or .. Log in right now and send me a message for CHEAP WOW GOLD ONLY $19.95 USD!!"


He only replied that I make him worry about me.

wtf does that mean?

He thinks Im unstable or something.

It had me in serious thought about myself ... but then I remembered I had an episode of FRINGE recorded, so i went to go watch that.

eh .. what are ya gonna do?










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