Worst Blog Ever

   So I woke up today and there was some weird and annoying shit going on.  It lasted for about 14 hours.  I was so bored with it, I started tap dancing. I do that sometimes when I'm bored.  I walked down to this guy's cubicle and said, "Hey Charlie, kid!  What the hell are you doing?"  Then I slapped him on the back real hard.  You know one of those slaps that came off harder than you intended and you are both really uncomfortable afterwards?  It was one of those.  So this Charlie guy starts telling me some boring ass story about a girl he knows.  The goddamn story took like 6 hours to tell.  I started counting his ear hairs by the end of it.  What a bore this guy was.

   So after work, I waited in the parking garage for this goddamn, miserable bore to come out to his car.  Jesus, I waited for like 4 hours or some shit.  I was bored as hell.  He finally comes by whistling some goddamn showtune or something.  That really made me nervous.  I grabbed him from behind and stuck a knife under his rib cage.  I pulled it out and thrust it in and out several times.  I do that sometimes when I get nervous.  Then old Charlie really got it going.  He was grabbing his side and gasping and shit.  It was quite a goddamn spectacle.  He went on with this for about 7 hours or something.  It was really boring.  I just decided to leave.     

   I walked out and picked up some snow.  I packed a snowall real hard and tossed it back and forth between my hands.  I tried to find something to throw it at, but found nothing.  I walked around with the snowball for about 5 hours and then I got bored again.  It was a weird day.

Uploaded 03/24/2010
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