Worst Experience of my life

So i was over at a friends house, and it was like 2 am.. he was sleeping, while i was on the comp doing shit... the whole night i felt a massive shit brewing , but i did nothing and basically held it in for like 8 hours... so as i was sitting , i felt a fart coming on , so i just let go and BLAM at least a fucking pound of shit in my underwear, panicking, i got up trying to hold the shit in my boxers , i ran to the bathroom. shit was everywhere on my legs on my nuts in my boxers on the floor even on my shirt.. i was like oh im so fucking screwed so standing up i sprayed dhiarrea all over the toilet bowel and i flushed, and i literally used up a whole roll to wipe the shit from everywhere, now i was thinking wtf to do about the pound of shit in my boxers, i found a bag and i put the boxers in them and i threw them away, then naked and as quietly as possible i walked back to my friends room, where i discovered that his computer chair was covered in shit not to mention his carpet was stained , i wiped the shit off his chair and as i was spraying it with old spice and cologne , my friend woke up and hes liek wtf is going on? luckily he believed me when i told i him that my ass was sweating liek hell and i decided to spray the chair with old spice, he fell back asleep. even though i got out alive , this was liek the worst shit that ever happened to me 

Uploaded 09/26/2008
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