Wresteling at home.

The other day I was at my boyfriend Matt's house, I was there with Nichelle, His friend Kurtis and His step-brother Luc.

Matt and I ended up play wrestling or fighting if you will. He was obviously holding back on me but I hae to sya I did pretty well for the size ratio between us. At one point though I had him in a headlock and we fell over the top of his couch onto his floor where I landed ontop of him. Nichelle and Kurtis were sitting on the edge of the chair pissing themselves laughing while Luc was on the computer. Unforunately Matts sister julia came in and wa sunderstandable weirded out by the fact that him and I were lying on the floor ( shes ten by the way). We ignored it tohugh because we though it was obvious that we were not doing anything. Late ron i was sitting on his lap whil he was on hte computer and he checked his e-mails. There was one fomr his younger cousin Erica. Apparently Matts sister is going telling people that she walked in on us having unprotected sex. And she told most of his family this. I find it really infuriating because not only did she blab about what she though she saw she lied two. Even if we were having sex how would she know it was unprotected, Also both him an I were fully clothed and there were three other people in the room! So at some point this weekend I have to go explain to his step-dad what we were doing and get him to talk to Julia about the birds n' the bee's.

On another note I offical hate Canadian winters. Today it was especialy cold for some reason and that was without the wind. Some genius decided to pull the fire alarm in fifth period today, So I had to walk out onto the track in nothing but jeans and a t-shirt, And stand there for half an hour. I was not happy at all.

Uploaded 12/05/2008
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