ws.silly virus removal

I would have pasted the information, but it is to long for this.

Just thought i'd drop a line in and paste a link to the people that downloaded the virus, that volcomelement distrobuted. Vol, if your pissed because if they banned your user account, think of it this way. I go to your site, with probably 100,000 users spam a download link and everybody gets hit with a virus. Now you have 100,000 users flooding the email system, saying what the hell, you just fucked my computer. Yes it is a low level virus, an annoying one at that, atleast you didnt upload something that would fuck the mbr's.

Like Tom said, threating them with bot nets and ddosing is childish. Its like listening to someone that says they'll commit suicide, itll never happen.

In fact I encourage you, I'm calling your bluff. If you change your ip, good wished I had it so i could traceroute it and have them shut your internet off. Youve been in trouble before with the law with ddosing, so why the fuck would you try to start anything on ebaumsworld?

Your a dickweed. 

Uploaded 03/27/2010
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