Yall be Trippin.

Im sick of yall niggas trippin on me about my slang when I be typin. Thats what I do, whats what I be. Yall think that just the way I type that I am inferiorer than all yall, but thats not the truths at all, look at what all yall be.
We  got lonely house hoes typin away about they fat asses while they sit on they fat asses talking about how fat they ass is. We got mothafuckin starvin band members that be playin in bars actin like they smarter than everybody. We got a racist Canadian that writes racist blogs but than says that hes not racist, so it makes it all aight. We got this dumb fool talkin about how everybody else is a dumb fool throwing shit all over the place. We got this old ass nigga talkin about his herniationed ballsack. And than we got all the punk ass niggas who be talking they shit all over the comments about racist shit and talkin mad shit.
Yall is the giantest bunch of rejects on da planet, and yall think that I is inferiorer than all of yall. That shit is preposterous. After comin to this site and watchin the videos and readin yall shit for a while I decided I was gonna make a account and share what I had to say. I was cool with yall but yall started on me real quick. That shit be trifeling, for real. 

There are a few cool peeps here to though, shout out to my nigga Sparks.

*Yo mods, this shit is gramitcally good this time so please dont delete my blog.
Uploaded 03/05/2011
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