Yea, for death panels


Well it certainly appears that FREE health Care is on the way, how long do we have to live until we are smart enough to know that NOTHING is free. Our leaders in their astounding wisdom has seen fit to throw everything out the door until they fix health care. This is not a bad idea, but in case they didnt notice while they were trying to find a way to spend your grandchildrens money unemployment rates have now climbed to over 10% and the money we gave the banks to help them from folding? They are now increasing the interst rates on our credit cards to the extent our grandchildren will get these bills also "where in the hell are you congress"? Oh yes your fixing health Care.


OK to sum up Free Health Care, explosive unemployment, and interest on our grand Kids. While we are living longer I just wonder if we want to or will the extra 10 years feel like 100.


Thanks for reading Bohank


PS thank you for the oppertunity to express myslef and another day goes by andf my rifle is still in the closet. Thank You ebaums

Uploaded 11/07/2009
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