Yes more religious stuff, if you don't like, don't look.

This shit is a message from another sheep of the cloth: 

     "Promises that I spoke of were the promises that the Jewish people would recieve a "Messiah" that would save them from all of their sins. In Isaiah 53, the Old Testament states that this Messiah would be in the world that HE CREATED, and not even be known by His own Creation. In John 1 we read "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word WAS GOD. A little further down we read "And the Word became flesh and dwelt amoung us, and we beheld his glory, the glory of the only begotten son, full of grace and truth"... I'm going from memory here, so if it's not ver-batim, forgive me. This is all King James Version. Yes, I believe in the virgin birth. Blood cells come from the father, so the father of Jesus was not of this world, but was God... Making His blood pure and not tainted like the blood passed down from Adam. This means that ONLY the sacrifice of the Diety of Christ could be sufficient to cleanse us from sins--otherwise ANYBODY could do that same thing. This is what makes us Christian--we follow Christ and his teachings, because he was the promise of the old testament. Yes, I've read the Bible. I was a preacher for a few years. I don't know everything, but I do know a little. There's so much in the Bible that I don't think anybody could possibly know it all. I know you probably asked that question rhetorically, but I still felt compelled to answer you. I apologize for not coming back on sooner."

              Now I had gotten quite bored of this religious tom-foolery but hey, this is too good not to fuck with. This person -who shall not be named, believes in the bible and claims he has read the bible, as even a layman knows there is the OLD and NEW testaments, well what this silly goose and others like him/her fail too realize is that there is no mention of the virgin birth in the old testament. The new testament was written around 150BC, over a century after Jesus was crucified. This person quoted the King James version of the bible written in and completed by 1611AD, I digress, getting back to my point. If you are writing a holy tome and writing down the true events, that will become the Old testament, what kind of historian would you be if you left out the virgin birth, one of the most important events in the bible, when God sent the holy ghost -which was in fact God- to impregnate Mary so that Jesus -who was in fact God, remember the holy trinity- to save our souls, from a belief and moral system that God was responsible for in the first place.     

                   Do you know why it is not mentioned in the Old testament? I will tell you why, because the writers of the New testament did not like the Old testament about the origin of Jesus and added their own spin on it, and boy did they have time, how could they possibly know exactly how Jesus was born more than a century after his death, they didn't they made it up. " Blood cells come from the father, so the father of Jesus was not of this world, but was God" this fool needs a lesson on the birds and the bees. Ooo blood comes the father, well if we believe the bible and the christian cunts, it was the holy ghost, and she didn't know the touch of a man, therefore how does blood come into it. The reason the New testament mentions the virgin birth is because Mary and Joseph were jews, Jesus was a Jew, how could they describe him as Christian if it is written down he is of Jewish decent. So they put spin on it saying he was created directly from God and therefore not Jewish and therefore only Christians have claim to Jesus and the path to heaven. They are happy to say Mary was a Jew but Jesus wasn't, yes that makes perfect sense. Not too mention there are sixth miraculous Virgin births in other religions. Stupid religious sheep.

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