Yesterday at work Wednesday

Okay so I was at work, it was a typical day you know stock the beers, make sure there's enough glasses yatta case you didn't know I work at a bar in a restaurant. I'm the bar back, which basically means I'm like a bartender in training, I keep everything stocked up, clean, and basically keep it running, and I'm able to sell alcohol (I have my certificate to sell) just not hold any tabs. So anyways back to the story, I was headed for the exit of the restroom, when a man and his son go into the same stall that I just left. Well the man for one left the stall's door open, and two he took his son in there with him, and held his son's hand with his left hand, while he himself urinated with his right hand. It was unbelievable his son was in there with him and saw him pee! The son didn't even seem to mind, it seemed nornal to him, as if it happens all the time. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I thought maybe I was on a hidden camera show, and was going to see myself in a video here on ebaums. But sadly no one pointed to a camera explaining themselves, and there wasn't a person hiding holding a laugh box in their hands. The nerve of some people...

Uploaded 10/10/2008
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