Yo a god exists bro

OK, now that we have each other's attention, let me begin to explain.  
I don't have good news for the people who are heartfelt, eager, and if I must say consuming about living the life handed down from the grips of a religious organization.  
Now, when you look at a strand of an ape's DNA, and then compare it to a strand of human DNA, you'll find it's quite similar in all respects.  NOW HERE"S THE TWIST MAN/WOMAN!  Two strands of human chromosomes, I forget which one (you look it up), you'll find that these strands seem to be fused together.  When you compare those above mentioned chromosomes to the ape's, you'll find that the  ape's chromosomes are contrasting to the human's.  
NOW WTF DOES THIS PROVE YOU SAY EH?Ape's have existed much longer than us, we have absolutely no idea of what happened day to day life of these "primitive" people.  It is plausible to say that another species of life had at some point passed our planet through their travels and perhaps manipulated the DNA to form another breed of that species, so that in some hopes that they will be able to become "intelligent" beings so that they can one day too, experience all that there is beyond this planet.  That is exactly what is happening right now.  Think about how intelligent the human race really is.  We have, ok, holy fuck, where to begin...we are specialists with indirect communication meaning computers, phones, radios, cup and strings..we have people who literally built a spaceship from the ground up, testing countless ideas until they finally figured out a way to successfully launch the spacecraft into fucking space and had the ability to sustain the conditions of space and finally land a microscopic individual(in the eyes of space itself) on the moon and everything, cool!  This natural imagination coming from certain people these days is unbelievable.  Look around you right now and see what remarkable innovation people have come up with(unless your 12 years old and have jack shit).  I'll leave the rest to your imagination, think about it as Ripley's believe it or not...believe it, or not!
In conclusion, I am in no way forcing this to be true, believe what you want, it's cool, really.  This is just an idea thrown out there will all the other ones hahaha yeah but it's a cool idea
RegardsJames Eastwood
Uploaded 03/06/2011
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