how many years will be lied to and take it with a smile?

how many years will we have our rights violated by a government so big that it can't even regulate itself?

did you know that all the rules and regulations set down by the EPA, including the clean air and water act, all have loopholes that let drilling companies pollute groundwater supplies and release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere?
-i'm not a treehugger, but when someones water becomes flammable, that should get peoples attention... (and yes, this has happened, ALOT)
-well "frakking" releases over 600 different chemicals underground where it is ignited and blown into all the surrounding earth material. this is also where wells get there water from, the water table which sits below the surface of the ground just a few hundred meters.
-on site purification techniques release this deadly cocktail of "proprietary" chemicals into the surrounding air and have even cause skin rashes and chemical burns on workers in the vicinity.
-once a private well or wells have been polluted, it is up to the owner of the private well to prove in a court of law that it was the fault of the oil operation, and many people who are too poor to pay for legal help are often left helpless with tap-water that is full of carcinogenic chemicals and ethers.

once the groundwater has been polluted, there is no cleaning it back up. there is no catching it all in a net and making it all better, once this is gone, it's gone. and the U.S. government does not lose sleep at night knowing that it ENABLED these gas companies to do this.
Uploaded 05/13/2011
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